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  • Craig Hale

Ahhh, Summertime

Don’t you just love it? You take the cushions of the outdoor furniture from storage and begin to take your life outside again. It’s beautiful here in East Tennessee. We moved back here because we have the four seasons, but not the brutality of the four seasons.

Whether your surrounded by the mountains or lakes or farmland, being outdoors is what Tennessee offers millions of visitors and us every day. I think we are blessed to live here and I try to take advantage the weather every chance I get. But when we are home and we want to get outdoors, sometimes there are challenges that face our enjoyment. Sun, wind and even the coolness of the evenings can dampen our enthusiasm to be on our porches.

Last year, we were sitting around on a friend’s covered patio who happens to have a lakeside home. Beautiful home overlooking the Tennessee River. The sun was at an angle that just blinded you with the reflection off the water so even with sun glasses it was difficult to look at the view.. And being springtime, the breeze off the water was brisk and a little cool. So, being the wimps that we are, we went inside. Not because we wanted to, but to be more comfortable. So, for the very reason we live in Tennessee, we opt to go inside? What’s up with that?

Later that same year my friend had heard about Rainier Roller Shades. He did all sorts of research and found that Rainier Shades would solve his problems from the sun glare, the heat, wind and bugs! What?

Not only that, he also learned he could use their patio almost all year. Without permanently screening in their porch.


First, the screen material. You can choose the amount of light that you want to come through the screen WITHOUT sacrificing the view. The screens come in several colors to choose from.

Second, the roller shades are mounted at the top of the opening in an enclosed weatherproof cassette. The screen moves up and down through zippered channels that are mounted to the pillars or walls of the patio.This makes the area totally enclosed when the shades drop down and keeps the shades in place even if there is a stiff wind.

Third, when the shades are down, it keeps the bugs out, the glare and the wind out and the heat of the summer out.

Win. Win. Win.

So he calls Craig Hale of Shutters and Blinds of Tennessee, schedules an appointment for a free estimate and learns more. Craig tells him that his customers have told him when the shades are down on a warm days, they open up their indoors to their porches and it becomes air conditioned space. The same holds true in the winter months depending how many square feet you have. Some have used a little space heater…



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